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Post Interview

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Post Interview

By Ben Graney, Consultant

No matter how well prepared you have been, interviews can be daunting.  So it’s only natural that after you have exited the interview room and started to relax that you put all thoughts of what happened over the last hour or so firmly to the back of your mind and adopt a “what will be, will be” approach to the outcome.

However, how you immediately follow up an interview can have a huge bearing on the eventual outcome – particularly if the employer is deciding between a couple of very closely matched candidates.

It’s likely that by the interview stages, each of the people who have been invited will have demonstrated quite similar skills, attributes and experiences; and in particular they will have satisfied the technical demands for the role which potential employers will be looking for.  The interview is an opportunity for the employer to drill down further into your knowledge and experience but also to assess amongst other things how you could fit into their existing team and your future potential within the organisation.  Who has that something extra to bring to the role?

It may be that the interviewer can see one or two people being valuable additions to their team.  And if you are potentially one of those candidates, it’s important that you put yourself in the strongest position possible to get the final nod.

  • Take time to think not only about how you performed but as best as possible, assess whether you genuinely think the role would be one that interests you.  If so, make sure that this is communicated as part of your feedback, highlighting specific areas that appeal –  employers are keen to recruit people who demonstrate they want to be part of the team
  • Consider the answers you provided and if there are areas where you don’t think you perhaps delivered as well as you could have done, try to readdress these concisely in a follow up
  • If you have been asked to provide any supporting material after the interview, make sure you are clear on any deadlines and supply everything promptly, taking care to ensure you have covered all the points required
  • If you are invited for a second interview, ask if there are any areas from the first interview that they would like to you to explain or expand upon in more detail
  • Prepare for a second interview as if it was your first meeting; don’t assume it will be a friendly chat to simply seal the deal.  Many second interviews involve somebody who didn’t participate at your first meeting so it’s important to make the right impression
  • Make sure you, or your recruitment consultant on your behalf, ask the interviewer for feedback post the interview.  Even if you were not successful, this will provide useful points for you to work on for time

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