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  • Publish Date: Posted almost 3 years ago

With the challenges of the previous 12 months, many organisations have – understandably – scaled back on their recruitment plans. However, with top talent in short supply those businesses taking a reactive approach to their staffing needs will find that they risk missing out on quality candidates to more dynamic competitors.

The continuing reports of increasing unemployment and struggling business due to the effects of COVID-19 have been impossible to ignore; and whilst there are industries and sectors which have suffered terribly over the last 12 months – and many more that face a longer and arduous road to recovery – we must remember that there are also those for whom the impact has not been felt as significantly, if at all, and potentially, will have experienced rapid growth and increasing opportunity.

Against this backdrop, it is understandable that there are businesses out there that think this should be a rich time for recruitment and that they will have their pick of an abundant crop. The reality, however, is somewhat different; those that are looking to make quality hires are finding that not only is competition fierce, but the candidates that they expected to be in high supply are themselves entrenched in mid-recovery projects and not quite so willing to make the move.

These are undoubtably testing times and employers are often taking a somewhat cautious approach, but with this, they run the risk of falling victim to two of the biggest downfalls when it comes to recruitment - hesitancy and indecision. With competition more intense, it is vital that the recruitment process is slick, the key decision makers are engaged from the outset and there is flexibility to consider a range of skills and attributes and not become fixated on a prescriptive set of criteria.

Employers that are prepared to break the mould and take a smart approach to recruitment are reaping the rewards. Those that can look beyond what a candidate can deliver in the here and now and can recognise the potential impact they will have by investing time into shaping and developing their skills will feel the long-term benefits as they secure high calibre individuals who are motivated to deliver success for the business.

As businesses start to look ahead and plan for a more ‘normal’ time, a proactive approach is very much needed. Many employees are conflicted by a desire to return to their normal working environment versus a more flexible working from home arrangement, and this, coupled with a lack of investment in training and career development will undoubtedly lead to destabilising moments.

Businesses that are not in tune with their employees – either through attentions being diverted elsewhere or through a disconnected workforce due to lockdown restrictions – will find that they miss previously recognisable signs of dissatisfaction, putting them very much on the back foot as candidates look to seek out the career-move opportunities which are very much coming to the fore.

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Article taken from the Sharp Consultancy Salary Survey 2021/2022 – read more here​