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  • Publish Date: Posted over 2 years ago

It’s Sunday evening and a strange, yet familiar feeling, starts to take over. A sinking feeling that come Monday morning, you simply don’t have the motivation to kick start the working week in the way you want to. Take a look at our top tips and suggestions for useful ways in which you can reset your mind and take positive steps to beat that dreaded back to work feeling.

​What are you aiming for?

Have you lost your motivation? Everybody as some point will feel that they have plateaued or have become stuck in a rut and are unsure about which direction they want to be heading in. Having a clear goal in mind – whether that be a promotion with you existing company or a brand-new role with additional responsibilities elsewhere - will help you plan the steps that you need to take in order to achieve your ambitions. Be proactive and take the opportunity to sit down with your manager and look for practical ways in which you can gain further experience or develop your skills within your current role and outline your aims for the future.

Understand why you feel the way you do

Try to focus on what specifically is making you not look forward to work. Has something recently changed or has this feeling been with you for a while? You should also look also examine if the cause of your unhappiness is something that is company-specific such as a poor relationship with your manager or colleagues where a change of organisation could help or role specific such as you feel you are not making the progress you would like to and perhaps need to refocus your goals. You must also look at whether this has been brought on by stress, a sudden increase in workload, the departure of a team member and their replacement not yet being up to speed and work with your manager to come up with solutions to address any issues.

Don’t be afraid to speak up

If you are feeling unhappy at work it is important that you speak up as left unaddressed, the matter could grow into a more significant issue. Whether you need to raise more personal-related concerns such as a relationship or performance issues with a colleague or something that’s pertinent to your individual role or workload, make sure that you are open and professional in your communications.

Take a look at your work life balance

The last 12-18 months have no doubt seen many changes and it is good to stop and take a good look at whether you are achieving the right work life balance. This can be particularly challenging if your have increased the amount of time you are working from home as whilst the reduced commuting time can be a blessing, it can be more difficult to switch off and feel that are leaving work behind at the end of each day – take a look at our advice on achieving a healthier balance when working from home. If you feel a different working arrangement might be of benefit, speak to your manager about what flexible working options might be available to you.

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