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  • Publish Date: Posted over 3 years ago

With Christmas fast approaching it can be easy to think that December is just a month for all things festive and there’s little point in searching for that ideal new role or candidate until the New Year. However, rather than simply feasting on mince pies and mulled wine in the run up to the big day, here are our top three tips for making December the most wonderful time of the year for job hunting and recruitment.

Get a head start on the competition

Rather than wait until January before polishing up your CV or registering a vacancy, now is the ideal month to catch up with your recruitment consultant to chat through your options. With that bit of extra time to pull together a (Christmas) cracker of a candidate short-list to interview or to discuss your goals for your next role, the recruitment process can be well underway before the decorations have been packed away.

The gift of time

December can be a month where things start to wind down at work leaving you with a more flexible diary to meet and interview potential new employees. Also, many people find that they have some annual leave that needs to be used up before the end of the year meaning there can be a quick (and convenient) turnaround to setting up and conducting interviews.

And speaking of time

Even once you have found your ideal candidate or landed the perfect new role, there’s still the tricky matter of a notice period – which can be anything from one month to three or even six months - to be negotiated. Kicking of the recruitment and job hunt process a few weeks early can make all the difference!

Merry Christmas!

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