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  • Publish Date: Posted almost 4 years ago

How long is too long?It’s a classic ‘piece of string’ question and a conundrum that will have faced many candidates (and employers).At what point does staying with the same company no longer demonstrate that you are a loyal and committed employee but instead sees potential new bosses become critical of your long tenure?

In the same way as someone who has regularly moved from one role to another may find themselves having to explain their lack of longevity in a role, a candidate who has remained with the same company could find themselves facing questions about why they have never looked elsewhere.

Yes, bosses want employees who are committed and loyal but on the flip side, staying in same job ‘too long’ may also make them question the possible reasons why you haven’t searched out a career move before now.

Perhaps they may feel you will be too expensive salary wise – staying with the same company implies that you have been looked after financially.Do you lack drive and determination and have been content to coast along in a role that is comfortable with your feet firmly under the table?Maybe you are so used to doing things a certain way that you will unable to adapt to new approaches and will struggle to build relationships with new clients, contacts and colleagues?

You need to sell yourself positively and highlight to a potential employer how your long service has had a positive impact on your career so far and how it will be of significant benefit to your new boss and company.


How has your role changed and developed during your time with the company?Have you played a significant part in helping the team to grow and increase in number?What promotions have you received and what additional responsibilities have you taken on? You may have stayed with the same company but that shouldn’t mean that your job has remained the same throughout and it’s important to highlight how you have continued to seize opportunities to move your career forward.


Demonstrate that you know your industry inside and out. You have worked with people for a long time.You are great are building and maintaining relationships.You know how to develop and cultivate relationships which are beneficial to your role and your company – these are highly sought after qualities in potential new employees.


Some would-be employers could consider a candidate to be priced out of the market if they have remained with the same company.Have they been too well rewarded financially to have stayed in the same place so long?Or have they not been paid enough which could perhaps indicate that there may be performance issues?If you have received regular pay increases demonstrate how these have been linked to progression opportunities but remember, if you feel that you are underpaid then it’s not necessarily a new employer’s responsibility to address this so have clear, well thought out reasons as to why you think you are worth more than your current employer is prepared to pay.


Employers place high value on employees that can recognise the link between their own career aspirations and the objectives of the business.Indicate what your personal career goals have been to date and how your current employer has been able to help you achieve these.Demonstrate that you have ambition and are ready to take on a new role in order to take the next step towards reaching your goals.

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