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  • Publish Date: Posted over 2 years ago

​I’ve been lucky enough to have been offered two jobs – what should I be looking at to make my decision about which one to accept?

First of all, congratulations! What a great result. For many this would be an enviable position to be in, but it is understandable that this can be a difficult decision to make – and it’s not one that you should feel rushed into making.

Let’s start off with what you shouldn’t do in this situation – don’t try to play each company off against each other. Whilst they have both selected you as their preferred candidate, if they sense that you are not genuine about wanting to come on board they could rethink their offer; and if both companies get that sense you could find yourself in a very tricky situation!

That is not to say that there shouldn’t be room for negotiation, however the sensible approach is to only negotiate with one company and in order to work out which is your preferred offer, there are a number of things that you need to take into consideration.

Don’t immediately assume that the offer that comes with the highest salary is automatically the ‘best’. There are many other factors which contribute to a strong job offer and you should weigh each of these up and apply the ‘benefit’ to where you are in your career and what you want to get out of the move.

Ask yourself:
What are the opportunities for progression?

A company might be offering a high salary now, but what opportunities can they offer for further growth and progression? Consider what you wanted to achieve career-wise from this move – does one company come closer to enabling you achieve your goals? Weigh up any differences in the role that you will be doing – are there aspects which interest you more than others? Do either offer further training opportunities? It can be easy to overlook some of these factors when presented with a more attractive salary but do not underestimate the value of job satisfaction and future opportunities.

Can you achieve a better work life balance?

Your reasons for looking for a new role might not be purely motivated by a desire to gain a promotion or undertake additional opportunities. If you are looking to achieve a better work life balance, then it is important to take into account each company’s approach to flexible working.

The last 12 months have made almost every company reconsider its homeworking policy so it’s important that you ask for clarity as to how they foresee these arrangements continuing in the short, medium and long term. You should also try to look ahead to a time when you may be more office based – does one company have a longer commute? Are there costs associated with parking or taking public transport that you need to account for?

Do they have a good reputation as an employer?

Whilst there are lots of areas that can be open to negotiation, the one element that you will not be able to change is the culture and values held by the organisation itself. What reputation do they have in the industry? Try to find out what you can from current or previous employees or see what their customers and clients are saying about what it is like to work with them. Also consider what your gut instinct told you in the interviews – did you get a good feeling from the interviewer? How did they sell the role and what is the company like to work for?

Making your choice

Take time to weigh up the pros and cons of each opportunity – and be honest with each company. A good company will understand that you need a little time to make your decision and shouldn’t try to rush you. However, bear in mind that they will have other candidates that they need to get back to so agree a timeframe and stick to it. Good luck!

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