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  • Publish Date: Posted almost 4 years ago
  • Author: Caitlin Davidson

You’ve worked hard and have just gained a promotion to a new management role. Whether it’s your first time in a leadership position or you’re moving to a new company, here are our suggestions on how to inspire and win the trust of your team.

Start as you mean to go on

From day one look to set the tone of your leadership style – in the early days people will be watching and listening as they develop their perceptions of you so it is important that you come across as someone who is confident in the position but is also open to others having the opportunity to share their views.

Inspire from the outset

Make sure everyone is aware of what it is that you are looking to achieve in the short and the long term. Ensure that there is clarity to your ambitions and communicate your goals in a way that enables your team to understand what their contribution needs to be and inspires them to work with you to achieve them.

Involve others in making things happen

Good leaders recognise early on that it is impossible for them to do everything themselves. Delegate and trust others with particular areas of responsibility and give them the tools and the confidence that they need to enable them to develop their own solutions.

Set the right example

Good leaders make people want to follow them so be passionate, enthusiastic and proud of what you are looking to achieve. Recognise and praise the achievements of those around you and be sure to share good news with your team to help them stay motivated and inspired.

Bridge the gap between employees and the senior

It is very easy for a ‘them and us’ culture to develop within an organisation and whilst as a leader it is not possible – or advisable – to necessarily be the boss and one of the gang, it is important to demonstrate that everyone is on the same side and is working towards a common goal.

Let people make mistakes

We all learn from our own mistakes so try to avoid the temptation of stepping in too early and instead allow people to work through problems and develop possible solutions for themselves, offering support and guidance where it is most needed.

No ideas are bad ideas

Show you are keen to hear what your team has to say and encourage them to develop ideas and innovate. Give clear guidelines and deadlines to ensure everything stays on track and create enthusiasm for coming up with new and different solutions rather than simply falling back on the way things have always been done before.

Don’t be afraid to take a few risks

There are times when you need to take a leap of faith. Be prepared to take calculate risks to ensure you continue to move forward with new ideas.

Make strong and credible decisions

People will look to a leader to make decisions – being indecisive can demonstrate a lack of confidence and in some cases, even making the wrong decision is better than making no decision at all. Take note of all the information that is available and gather the thoughts and opinions of those around that you trust - when the time comes, have a plan in mind of how you will make things happen.

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