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  • Publish Date: Posted about 3 years ago

There are many reasons why candidates may find themselves considering a relocation move when it comes to their career; from seizing a great advancement opportunity to moving because of a partner’s career, any move to a new part of the country is an exciting, yet potentially daunting time.

If you are considering such a move, here is our advice on the key things to consider:

Research: Make sure that you thoroughly research all that you can about the area that you are potentially looking to move to. If it is a completely new area, consider everything from house prices to schools, socialising to what is available in the surrounding areas. Ask friends and family for their experiences if it is somewhere that is familiar to them and research clubs and forums connected to your hobbies and interests to see if it is somewhere you can build a life for yourself outside of work.

Cost of living: Establish whether there will be any difference in house prices and your cost of living in your chosen location and factor this in when weighing up any job offers. Remember to include any costs associated with moving and home improvements as well as day to day expenses such as commuting. Consider whether you will look to rent somewhere first to get a feel for the area before committing to a house purchase.

Career prospects: Will the move help you achieve your longer-term career prospects? If things don’t work out, what other potential opportunities are there within your sector in that area?

Ask for help: If you have been offered the opportunity to relocate to a new area with your present company, find out what support they can offer to help with the move. Not only may they provide some financial assistance, but they can also put you in touch with future colleagues who can give advice on the best areas for property, school and things to do in your new location.

Friends and family: Is the move one which will take you several hours away from your friends, family and support network? How often will you be able to get back to visit or how feasible will it be for relatives to come and stay? Will you need to consider alternative childcare options?

Quality of life: Will the move give you a better quality of life? Are there more opportunities to pursue your interests outside of work as well as the chance to advance your career? Could the move bring you closer to friends and family?

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