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​Why would you use Senior Interim Specialists to support your business

  • Publish Date: Posted 4 months ago
  • Author: Karen Pitchforth

Karen has over 20 years of recruitment of experience, including 18 years specialising within the Interim Accountancy and Finance sector, 10 of which she has spent at Sharp Consultancy.

We asked Karen for some insight into why so many clients and candidates trust us to get it right when needing an interim, and why organisations like yours should always consider using an Interim Specialist to support your business.

Are Interim Specialists Right for Your Business?

In the ever-changing landscape of accountancy and finance, interim specialists play an essential role in supporting organisations who need the right level of skills and experience, swiftly.

When might your organisation need an Interim Specialist?

  • Crisis – An unplanned gap in the team or an unexpected absence that needs attention ASAP

  • Change or Implementation – A process or period of change that creates a gap in the team, or a need for a specialist to lead new processes.

  • Specialist Projects – When embarking on projects of which you have no or little experience, interim experts can be hugely beneficial.

  • Long term planned absence – Gaps posed by long-term absences, such as maternity, sabbatical, secondment or similar can be navigated by using interim specialists.

  • Permanent hiring block– In this volatile economy, interim specialists give you the opportunity to trial a particular role within your organisation, enabling you to see if a hire will be crucial to your team’s success before employing a full-time specialist.

How do I hire an Interim Specialist?

First and foremost, at the centre of any hire is the person.

“Interim specialists are not the mercenary hires you may have been led to believe they might be! “

There is always a human element and that can present itself in many ways, whether that’s a delicate situation they are stepping into, or a team that needs to see a new addition as part of the collective. Interim specialists tend to come with the soft skills needed to bridge that gap quickly.

“To understand the interim market, I find you must live and breathe it. “

Our clients trust that we will not only find the right skillset, but also be able to work to the timescales they need, whilst utilising our extensive regional network and candidate pool to ensure the best fit.

Whilst there is an ever-growing range of nationally available candidates, the risk can far outweigh the reward if that candidate has not been met, interviewed, screened, and referenced. By strictly screening and knowing all of our candidates before they are introduced to a client, we ensure the fit is not just a generic one, but also a human one.

When I build an understanding of a candidate, I ask myself:
  • Can the candidate demonstrate the correct experience to succeed?

  • Will the team fit be right? Is the environment and culture a fit?

  • Are the expectations from both parties aligned?

Get this right and you are most likely to have a successful appointment.

I’ve spent years building strong relationships across both the client and candidate market. Not only do my candidates trust me, but my clients rely on me.


Some important things to remember when considering the benefits of interim specialists.

  • Costs – Whether it be short term, long term or on a fixed term contract, if you hire an interim, you know the cost and can budget effectively.

  • Commitment – Professional interim specialists will always have a duty of care, their reputation relies on it. If you hire for a specific project or period of time, you are very unlikely to not see completion, it’s just not in their nature.

  • Flexibility – If you don’t have the flexibility to respond to business-critical change in your existing team, Interim support gives you the ability to react quickly and efficiently.

  • Impact– One thing you can ensure when using an interim specialist is that they have seen plenty of different situations and environments, they will hit the ground running, and you won’t lose time with training, development, and on-boarding.

  • Skillset and expertise – If their experience says so, and they can demonstrate that they have, then they most likely can. Do you have that level of skillset within your current team? Or are you taking unnecessary risks by not utilising an interim specialist to bridge that gap?

  • Speed – From head count gaps, to notice period delays. If you need support, you probably need it now, and speed when hiring an interim specialist should not be taken lightly.

In Summary

The use of interim specialists should always be in your thoughts when planning or the unplanned occurs. Allowing your business and finance function to react quickly and effectively, by bringing in the right people at the right time, can make all the difference.

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