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  • Publish Date: Posted over 3 years ago

There will be times when no matter how well you have prepared, you might not be successful following an interview. Whilst this is far from a pleasant experience, it is important to remember that handling rejection in a positive way will put you in a better position when it comes to your next application.

There can be countless reasons why your interviewer may not have selected you for the role and this can be particularly disheartening when you felt that the interview itself went well and it was a role that you could see yourself doing. Try not to let negative feelings dampen your confidence and look for ways in which you can learn from the experience.

Ask for feedback

Always ask for feedback, especially when you feel the interview went well. There are numerous reasons why another candidate was selected and in most cases it will be because of their experience and how they performed rather than you didn’t give a good account of yourself. Take any feedback on board and look at how you can make improvements when it comes to applying for future roles.

Room for improvement

Remember that you were able to secure an interview so you clearly demonstrated desirable skills and experience. Try to identify if there were any areas where you could benefit from additional training or volunteer for tasks that will give you exposure to develop new skills. This will be time well spent and will put you in a better position next time round.

Not every role is the same

Just as every role is different, so is every company and every interviewer and certain skills, personality traits and experience will appeal more to some than others. Try to keep in mind that you weren’t the right candidate for that particular role but that doesn’t mean that your skills and experience won’t be seen as ideal by another interviewer. Don’t let a rejection put you off and ensure that when you next come to apply for position that you tailor your CV to suit the requirements of the role.

Don’t burn any bridges

Whilst you are disappointed, remember to respond in a positive manner. Thank your interviewer for their time and for the opportunity. There’s no harm is saying that you would have preferred a different outcome and would like to be considered for any future opportunities. You never know what could happen further down the line should things not work out with the successful candidate or further openings become available.

Don’t assume you have done something ‘wrong’

After receiving the news, try not to focus too much upon the final outcome and instead look to assess your own performance. If you delivered a strong interview and did your best but another candidate was better then there is very little you could have done in that situation. Consider the feedback that you have been given and look at what you can do that could make a difference and don’t get too caught up in things that would be outside of your control.

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