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  • Publish Date: Posted over 3 years ago

It’s one of the most common interview questions but from experience, it can be one of the most difficult – or at least uncomfortable – for candidates to answer confidently.

The temptation to seize upon the opportunity to be dismissive of your current employer – particularly if they are a close competitor of your potential new firm – can be great. However, delivering a well structured and thoughtful response as to why you are looking to make the next move in your new career will be more likely to pay dividends.

Let’s be honest. In more cases than not, someone will be looking for a new role because they believe they will be better served by moving to a new company – whether that is to achieve a better salary package, additional opportunities, better work life balance. With this in mind, you can be fairly sure that your interviewer understands that your desire to move will have, in some way, been prompted by a degree of dissatisfaction in your role; however, there is very little to be gained by talking about your current employer in a negative manner.

How you convey your feelings about your current role can give a potential boss an insight into your character and integrity – if they are prepared to speak about their employer like this, what would they say about this organisation in the future?

In addition, if you start to reel off a list of grievances – lack of opportunity, an unmanageable workload, promises of promotions that never materialised – you could, however valid those reasons may be, present yourself as someone who could be potentially difficult to work with. And if you work within a fairly close knit industry, there’s every chance that what you say could make its way back to your existing manager and colleagues.

When an interviewer is asking you to detail why you want to move roles, they are ideally looking for an answer which focuses upon what you see as the positive aspects of the position and the company you hope to join rather than what you feel isn’t right about your present role.

As part of your interview preparation, you should carefully consider your reasons and look at how you can expand upon your answers to demonstrate how you are well suited to the role on offer and your enthusiasm to become a member of the team. Some good starting points are:

  • I would like to take on additional responsibilities.....

  • I am ready to embark upon a new challenge....

  • The role available offers me the opportunity to challenge myself..... 

  • I am keen to learn new skills..... 

  • I am particularly interested to expand my knowledge.....

Ensure that you relate your answerback to the job description by selecting key elements which would illustrate how your career ambitions dovetail with the essential requirements of the role.

For more help and advice on how to deliver an impressive interview, take a look at our comprehensive Interview Guide

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