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  • Publish Date: Posted over 2 years ago

With working from home becoming a norm in everyday working lives, here are our top tips and suggestions for creating an effective environment will help maintain a work life home life balance.

Set yourself ‘working hours’

As much as possible, try and put in place a ‘working day’ so you have a clear time frame for starting work and a recognised end of the day. Although this doesn’t need to be a traditional 9-5 routine – one of the key benefits of working remotely is the flexibility to work around appointments or, in the current climate, childcare arrangements. Communicate with your colleagues and managers of any adjustments that you need.

Create a dedicated work area

One of the best ways to separate work from home life is to have a specific room or area that is only for work. Ideally this would be a room that you can close the door on at the end of the day but if that isn’t possible, try to set up somewhere as your work area – you don’t want to be tidying up equipment and documents to free up the kitchen table every mealtime!

Set some boundaries

If you are working from home and other members of the household are around it can be easy to become distracted or slip into undertaking ‘home’ tasks instead of focussing upon work. If you need to juggle childcare with work, agree time slots with your partner where one of you can take responsibility for the children whilst the other is on ‘do not disturb’.

Take regular breaks

One of the key benefits of working from home is the flexibility to structure your day to suit your needs and it is important to ensure that you take regular breaks. This could be taking the time to go for a walk or run during the day, participating in an exercise class or taking the dog for a walk. If you can’t get outside, make sure you get up from your desk regularly and try to take your lunch break away from your work area.

Dress like you are at work

Having a ‘work wardrobe’ even whilst you are working from home can help separate work time from home life. That doesn’t mean you need to be suited and booted every day – it’s fine to adopt a more relaxed dress code but you don’t want to be caught out with a spontaneous video call whilst wearing joggers and sloppy t-shirt!

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