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  • Publish Date: Posted over 3 years ago

Inviting would-be employees to attend a second interview is a popular option for many companies. It’s a good way for them to determine between a few closely matched candidates after the initial round of meetings, an opportunity for another member of the team to take a look at their favoured choices or simply a way for them to confirm their first impression that you are the ideal person to join the team.

If you are invited to attend a second interview it is important to remember that it is unlikely to be a repeat of your first meeting. It is worth trying to establish just how many people have been invited back for a second interview as this may help you prepare accordingly. Never assume a second interview is a formality and the job is in the bag – even if you are the only person who has been asked back, make a poor impression and all your hard work could be undone as your dream role slips through your fingers.

Do your research

There’s no harm in being pleased with yourself having secured a second interview – you have obviously done well if the company wants to see you again – but don’t spend too long patting yourself on the back and instead try and dig for some more information that will be useful for your upcoming meeting.

Ask your recruitment consultant for feedback from the interviewer – were there any areas of concern, could you have elaborated on any of your answers – and use this information to prepare your ground for the next stage. Recall any useful points that you gathered during the interview – aspects of the role where you feel you can add value, making your experience relevant to the key areas of the job description that were discussed.

You will need to show more to those interviewing you second time around so do more research into the company and its sector so you can demonstrate that you are serious about the opportunity and have enthusiasm for the challenge on offer.

Be positive

As with any interview, it is OK to be nervous but you need to approach the meeting with a positive attitude. You have been invited back for a reason so they clearly think that you could be a suitable
fit – the interview is your opportunity to put that beyond any doubt.

Make the right connection

Often would-be employers can be faced with more than one candidate that they perceive would be capable of undertaking the role which is available and so will use a second interview as an opportunity to determine which of those people will slot into the team the best. Your personality, how you interact with others, the way you would deal with a particular situation will all contribute towards how your interviewer will see you being able to gel with your potential work colleagues.

Address any concerns

Use the feedback from your recruitment consultant and think back over your previous performance to try and anticipate areas which may need to be addressed during the meeting. If there was a question that you don’t feel you fully answered first time around expect to be asked it again – and if the opportunity doesn’t arise, there’s no harm in steering the conversation around to that topic where appropriate to show your interviewer that you have given the matter further consideration.

Demonstrate your worth

Every business will be facing, or is anticipating facing, certain challenges. Show that you will be a great person to have on their team by offering your insight where you think that you can bring valuable experience and provide possible solutions. Look to identify areas where you can add more to what has been asked for in the job description to really set you apart from any other candidate.

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