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  • Publish Date: Posted over 2 years ago

Looking for a new role can be a challenging and time-consuming experience – in many ways it is like having another full-time job in itself! Ensuring that you dedicate enough time to making your job search as success can be tricky and, if things don’t seem to be going your way, it can be easy to lose faith and become despondent.

Here are our suggestions for maintaining a positive outlook whilst looking for a new role:

Ensure you have focused and dedicated time to look for a new role:

It is worth planning time into your day or week when you will concentrate on your job search; this could be setting time aside at the beginning or end of the day to browse through new opportunities or taking time out each weekend to prepare the perfect application. Find a routine that works for you.

Understand that looking for a new role takes time:

Taking into account your notice period, you have to accept that even if you hit lucky with your first application moving roles can usually take anything between 3 and 6 months. Before you start your search, be realistic about the amount of time that it may take.

And you are not always in control:

Try not to worry about what you have no control or influence over. It can be frustrating waiting to hear the outcome of an application or interview and some organisations may have a lengthy recruitment process which requires several levels of approval or multiple interviews before they can get to the stage of making an offer. There is certainly no harm to keeping in touch (without bombarding the hiring manager!) to demonstrate your eagerness for the role, but at the same time, accept that the decision-making process is out of your hands and don’t assume that just because you haven’t heard anything, it won’t be good news. Use your time productively by continuing to seek out other opportunities and preparing your CV and applications.

Don’t take rejections to heart:

It can be very easy to feel deflated, particularly when you don’t secure a role that you really wanted – especially if you felt that you made a great impression on your CV or during an interview. Try not to view a rejection as you did something ‘wrong’ - whilst you should always seek feedback and reflect on what you can improve upon for next time, sometimes you need to accept that it simply wasn’t the right role for you.

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