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  • Publish Date: Posted over 3 years ago

It’s that time of the year – the annual office Secret Santa! Whether you look forward to the popular event with joy or fear, choosing the ideal gift – on a strict budget - for the person you pull out of the hat can be tricky. We asked our team of consultants to tell us their perfect present ideas. And remember, if you are organising or taking part in a workplace Secret Santa this year, please check the latest guidelines ensure its COVID-safe.

Karen Pitchforth

I love an office gadget and I’m a bit of a neat freak; something like a funky cable tidy or desktop vacuum would be ideal for me to keep my workspace in tip top condition.

Alex Law

A mug is always a smart choice. It can be funny, stylish, colourful or personalised. Perfect for knowing which mug is yours when it comes to the office tea round!

Liam O'Flaherty

Some people might think this is a bit of a cop out, but I tend to buy a nice bottle of wine – it’s what I would like to receive! It’s worth making sure that you don’t offend anyone though by checking that they enjoy a glass or two beforehand – especially you’ve picked out someone from a different team that you don’t know so well.

Stuart Douglass

If you are lucky to have drawn someone that you know quite well or sit near to, try and pick up hints on what they enjoy doing outside of work to give you inspiration. One year, a colleague had a weekend away planned so I gave them a guide book of their destination.

Lee Sweeney

I try and avoid anything that’s too gimmicky and unless you are sure of a person’s sense of humour, it’s best not to get anything where the joke may backfire! That said, I tend to try and get something with a festive twist like an after dinner game which can be played with friends or family.

Sarah-Jane Keay

You can’t go wrong with chocolate! Who doesn’t like chocolate!

Jack Curtis

If I’m really struggling for ideas – which can be the case if you work in a large office and you don’t necessarily know the person you are buying for – my go-to option is a lottery ticket or scratchcard. You never know, someone might win the jackpot!

Charlotte Lupton

I tend to buy a food related gift such as festive fudge, some fancy biscuits or a special coffee blend – something that will feel like a bit of a treat.

Caitlin Davidson

One of the best gifts that I received – and one which I now give most often – is a plant or a mini grow your own garden set. A great way to brighten up someone’s desk and it lasts right through the year.

Liam Connolly

I try and get useful gifts so would opt for something like a personalised notebook for a nice change from the usual office stationary selection.

Philippa Groves

I like a bit of pampering so something like a nice, soothing hand cream - especially with all the sanitizer gel being used - would be my idea of the perfect Secret Santa gift this year.

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