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  • Publish Date: Posted over 3 years ago

​Temporary employees make a huge difference to a business and during these current challenging times. Whether it’s to cover a period of absence, an extra pair of hands to support an increase in trade or support for a particular project, the flexibility, urgent availability and niche skill set offered by temporary accountancy and finance professionals is proving to be invaluable to many organisations across the Yorkshire region.

There are many reasons why, in the current climate, that a business may need to engage the support of a temporary employee – credit control, cash flow management, forecasting and re-forecasting for banks and other funders, year end, payroll, senior management support, urgent projects and covering staff absences to name just a few.

Time is often of the essence when it comes to recruitment, but as we navigate these testing and unprecedented times, taking swift action now will pay significant dividends. If you find yourself in a situation where you require a temporary member of staff or if you are facing a challenge and need expert consultation on a solution that is right for your business, our highly experienced team of finance recruitment specialists will provide the advice and guidance that you need.

  • Temporary employees will be ready and available for work almost immediately, meaning that you are able to have a new highly skilled and experienced member of the team in place typically within 24 hours of identifying a particular need.

  • They often possess specialised skills which match a particular requirement that currently exists within an organisation so as well as delivering within their role, they are sharing their experience which benefits and expands the knowledge of others.

  • New employees give a boost to existing members of staff; they come with fresh ideas and can offer an alternative perspective which can be hugely motivational to the rest of the workforce.

  • Temporary employees will have been rigorously interviewed and evaluated in advance. Our detailed understanding of a client’s requirements and a candidate’s skill set will ensure suitable members of staff are in place without the need for businesses to dedicate significant time and resource to assessing and interviewing potential candidates.

Sharp Consultancy specialises in the recruitment of temporary, interim and permanent finance professionals.  With offices in Leeds and Sheffield our highly experienced team of consultants recruit for positions throughout Yorkshire and beyond CONTACT UStoday to discuss your recruitment needs with a member of our team.