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  • Publish Date: Posted over 3 years ago

Could my social media activity have a negative effect on my career prospects?

Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn are part of most people’s everyday life. But as well as being a great way to stay in touch and keep track of what is happening in the world, your social media profile and activity can say a lot to a potential new employer or your current boss.

Employers are very well acquainted with the potential of the web when it comes to recruitment, and as well as being a useful medium to source candidates, it is also a hugely valuable tool when it comes to researching more about possible hires who are of interest.

Your CV and performance during an interview are situations in which hiring managers will know that you are giving the best account possible of yourself. However, looking at someone’s online presence can help shape their idea about a person’s character - seeing what they might be like when their guard is down, so to speak.

Posting flippant comments, making negative remarks about your work or employer or - as in a famously reported case some years ago – bragging about taking a sick day when you are really looking to enjoy a day out will win you no favours with an interviewer.

Other moves which could spell trouble for your career include sharing information about applying for new jobs, celebrating getting a job offer before having spoken to your current employer and moaning about your colleagues or clients. Being seen to support groups or statements which could be seen as offensive, using crude language and even poor grammar and spelling are all things which could easily turn an interviewer’s opinion from ‘we have to see this candidate’ to ‘perhaps they are not the right person for our organisation’.

Think carefully about what you post and tweet, make sure your security and privacy settings are robust, exercise caution when it comes to accepting friend, follower and connection requests and be aware of any posts or photos that others may tag you into.

However, social media shouldn’t be seen as the enemy and you can certainly use it to your advantage in your search for a new job – as well as allowing you to glean a wealth of information about companies you are keen to join, an insightful blog or contributing to interesting discussions on industry networking groups will make potential employers take notice of you online for the right reasons.

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