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Motivating Your Team

If you aren’t fired with enthusiasm, you will be fired with enthusiasm – Vince Lombardi

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Lee Sweeney, Regional Director

How do you get the best out of your team?

Regardless of the number of employees you are responsible for, knowing and understanding what makes each individual work to the best of their abilities whilst ensuring you achieve the goals of the business is a tricky skill for many to master.

Some people are born leaders; they seem to naturally and effortlessly generate the best results from people and create a working environment that inspires and motivates everyone to push forward to gain the desired outcome. But for many, motivating a team is one of the many management skills that need to be learnt, harnessed and adapted over time.

If you are new to a management position – either through promotion or having joined a new company – knowing how to get the best from your team will be a real challenge, especially when you are finding your feet in an unfamiliar role yourself. But even those with many years of management experience need to always understand what buttons to press as new members join a team the workforce dynamic switches to make sure they generate the best possible performance at all times.

  1. Take time to understand the aspirations of each individual; where do they see themselves progressing in their career and can you help them visualise how they can achieve their goals with the company?
  2. Fear can be extremely de-motivating for people; perhaps they feel their job is at risk or they are not progressing how they expected they might be. Help build their confidence in their abilities and be clear about what needs to be achieved and what role they have to play in the process.
  3. Celebrate the achievements of individuals and the team as a whole. The saying “success breeds success” is certainly true and helps to create a positive environment where people enjoy coming to work.
  4. Be sure to share –and bring to life – the vision of the company and illustrate the key milestones and targets on the journey so people can be clear on where their efforts are most needed and can see how they are contributing to the bigger picture.
  5. Involve your team in regular team meetings and updates and recognise the contribution everyone can make – these shouldn’t just be limited to more senior employees. Empower and encourage the development of more junior members of the team through inviting them to suggest ideas or consider ways in which particular problems could be tackled.
  6. Recognise that not everyone will respond to the same methods and adapt your management style accordingly but ensure that your team doesn’t lose sight of the overall goal.
  7. Make sure everyone knows that you appreciate their efforts and that their contribution is important. People respond well to feedback so take time to congratulate your team on a job well done.


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