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5 Tips for Hiring

By Jamie Caulfield, Regional Director

Recruitment is not just about an employer finding the right person for the job; today’s candidates are more savvy than ever and the interview is a two way street. Here’s how you can make sure the top talent wants to join your team.

  • Make your company one that is exciting to work for


If the people conducting the interviews are enthusiastic about their firm and see it as a great place to work then others will want to be part of it. But make sure you can back up this enthusiasm with real examples – not only about the growth and direction that the company is heading in, but talk about the culture, the environment and the opportunities that exist in the work place.

  • Be clear about the type of person you are looking for


You are looking for the best possible candidate; make that clear to those you are interviewing – the top talent will rise to the challenge and will see your company as one they want to join so they can surround themselves with the best in their industry.

  • Don’t leave interviewing to the same people


There will be people in your organisation that have the necessary skills to recruit and they should, rightly so, be involved in the interviews. But also think about other people in the organisation that have something to offer – for example someone who has progressed through the company and can talk about the opportunities they have had, someone from the team that the new employee will join, another department head who can eloquently share the vision for the company. Don’t just rely on the same person. Similarly interviewing can be hard work so make sure those involved remain motivated and upbeat throughout the process.

  • What can you offer?

It can be easy to get caught up in what you want from a potential employee but make sure you consider what your company can offer them. Salary is a key motivation but any decision will not be based upon money alone so think about other benefits, flexible working options, training and development opportunities and the working environment that will be provided. Make sure you ask about their goals and ambitions and describe how as a company you can help them to achieve these.

  • Act swiftly


Recruitment can take time, particularly if there are several lines of approval involved. The best candidates don’t stay available for long so the quicker you can act the more likely you will be to secure your top choice. Even if you know that you can’t make an offer immediately, ensure that your selected candidate knows that you are interested and keep in regular contact with them until you are in a position to do so.


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