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Remote working can be key in attracting talent

The phrase “I’m working from home” can often be met with a bit of a snigger and a few raised eyebrows. такое But remote or flexible working is becoming increasingly more important in the workplace as employers and employees strive to find ways in which to achieve the ideal work-life balance. Competition for top talent […]

How can you be better than everyone else?

It takes quite a lot to impress me but recently I was lucky enough to meet someone who really did make me stand back and think about what he had just said. In my line of work you come across people every day that are looking to sell themselves; keen to run through a pre-considered […]

The decision is yours… or is it?

Recruiting top talent into an organisation is a challenge facing every business; one of the questions I’m often asked is what makes the best performers choose a one company over another and what can you do to wholesale jerseys China ensure you are the first choice for quality By candidates? Even during periods of higher […]